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rescued kitties!!!!!!

This is the rescued momma kitty, Uma-Ling

This is her son Inman

This is her daughter Clara

I'm going to sell them at Secret Oktober I think

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omfg clara is so fawkin cute and yer fallz are teh sizzex0rz.lol
She's shy :-P

Deleted comment

I <3 cats...and rats :-P
Awww, I want a kitten again ^o^ Mine are so old, hehe. Very pretty falls by the way. I'd love to buy some! ^^
I can TOTALLY make you some anytime! Just e-mail me at coifwithyourhead@yahoo.com
Aw, thankies. I would hun, but I'd prolly screw them up trying to put them in my hair. They look complicated to tie in x_x
sank you! i loooove the kittens! i want clara but someone is already getting her and my dad would kill me if i brought home anymore pets. hehe silly man he knows he loves them
I wish you could take her, damnit silly silly man >:-/
Hey Ceylin this song reminds me of you.. Igor Spectre - Beautiful Dead Little Girl.
I wanna listen but every time I DL music our computer freaks out and gets virus :-(
Maybe I can go to Cheapo and listen to it!
hihi, i don`t mean to track you down or anything, heh, but i posted to one of your last entires on dd about ye cute rats. i hope you don`t mind to checking it. cute kittens, btw.
eppp what prettiiii falls!!! and the kitties are sooo prettehhhh :)
hello and thank you, your icon is pretty!
:) thankies!! ive just joined and im a tad confused by everything!! grrr still wont let me upload pics in my journal -sniffs-
aww that sucks. I'll add you, you seem like a cool chica.
woo ill me adding you back:) ooo and the piccies are working now yayayayay!!! :)